The Crystal Shop of John Armitage offers one of the largest collections of crystals and hand carved crystal skulls for sale. Carefully selected by John Armitage our crystals are cleared of all old programs and discordant energies. Browse through polished crystal quartz, citrine, amethyst and smokey quartz or buy a hand carved crystal skull of modern times made of obsidian, opalite, citrine or clear quartz.

John Armitage (a.k.a. Hari Das Baba) has studied crystals for decades and he is one of the few persons on Earth that teaches the ancient way of crystal work – only through intention from the Higher Self and in accordance with the Divine Will. Find more about him and his crystal workshops on Through his teachings you can learn how to clear, program and re-program crystals only through energy and intention; how to build crystal mandalas and crystal grids, how to use crystals in facilitation of healing or in your meditations.

We offer a wide variety of high quality crystals from different parts of the world.

We offer a special selection of crystal skulls that have been carved from a variety of beautiful stones.

Energy activated Amethyst, Citrine, Clear and Smokey Quartz. Find more about crystals in our Encyclopedia.

Rare and unique Lemurian crystals. Hundreds of beautiful lemurian star seeds can be found in our shop.

We carry a large variety of Natural tektite. Check out our collection of Moldavite – the Sky rock crystals.

Crystal skulls
Untreated Citrine
phantom crystals
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J ohn Armitage has a deep connection working with crystals. From decades he teaches crystal workshops and promotes innovative and long forgotten ways to interact with them.

E ach crystal in the Crystal Skulls e-Shop is personally chosen by John Armitage – skulls and unique pieces alike – and has been cleared from all discordant energies and activated to spread Love and Light to the whole Earth.

J ohn works closely with the Earth Keepers and the Crystal Devas following the guidance from his own divine self. The chosen crystals here are connected in meditation to the healing grids of Mother Earth.

E njoy browsing our fine collection and tap into the energies of our crystal skulls, polished and shaped crystals and natural stones!