Lavender quartz

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Weight 3.94 kg
Dimensions 155 x 130 x 120 mm

Lavender quartz

That crystal item is energetically cleared by John Armitage of any discordant energies, programmed to be self-cleansed and activated to channel and spread the energy of Mother/Father God.

Decoration where visible is not for sale. The crystal you see on the image is what you will get.

Lavender Quartz

Lavender Quartz is a stone of love, healing and joy. It is actually a type of Rose Quartz with a high level of titanium or manganese within it (hence the colour, which is a sort of lilac pink.) It is said to alleviate lack of self worth and low self esteem, and helps to assist with appreciating the things around you. It has a lovely positive effect on this the mind whilst dispelling mental blockages, but it also brings love and joy to the carrier. On the physical level this stone positively influences the metabolism and blood circulation.

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Weight 3.94 kg
Dimensions 155 x 130 x 120 mm

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