9 Planet Astro mala, 108 Beads

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Weight 60 g
Dimensions 38 x 8 x 8 mm

9 Planet Astro mala, 108 Beads

Dimensions show length of the mala and diameter of beads.

That crystal item is energetically cleared by John Armitage of any discordant energies, programmed to be self-cleansed and activated to channel and spread the energy of Mother/Father God.

Decoration where visible is not for sale. The crystal you see on the image is what you will get.

9 Planet Astro

9 Planet Astro mala or Navagraha mala plays a profound role in influencing the events in our life. Navagraha Mala, which contains gemstones for all nine planets, has the ability to balance the energies of the planets in life and so one do not feel the impact of the unfavorable planets.

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Weight 60 g
Dimensions 38 x 8 x 8 mm

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