G ypsum is a hydrous calcium sulphate, when well crystallised producing excellent transparent monoclinic crystals, which are often twinned in swallow-tail forms. Such crystals of gypsum are called selenite, for the crystals tend to show moon-like iridescence from the cleavage surfaces.

It is usually formed by the evaporation of an enclosed sea basin, or may be deposited from desert lakes. The massive rock-like variety of alabaster was known from the days of the Phoenicians, Assyrians and Egyptians, who made it into all kinds of beautiful vases and amphorae, and who were also the first to find out and use its splendour as a medium of direct and indirect lighting. The delicately wrought alabaster vases that were found in the tomb of Tutankhamen were used to illuminate the temples in the land of the Pharaohs.

Since it forms easily from saline water, gypsum can have many inclusions of other minerals and even trapped bubbles of air and water. The word selenite comes from the Greek for moon and means moon rock.

Selenite is a stone of communication and communion with the past and present; this includes communication with our guides and Angels. It aids telepathic links with others and contains all sacred knowledge; it often has the appearance of sacred markings on its surfaces to remind us of this fact.

It is used for the remembering of past lives and will help dream and meditation recall. Selenite works by recording information pertaining to all knowledge of all time; this is held within its crystalline structure via its formation by water and evaporation.

The theory goes that nothing can be dis-created, only changed. The water that was on the planet at its formation and the same water that nurtured the early forms of life is the same water the dinosaur drank, which is the same water the ancient peoples drank and it is constantly circulated around the planet by the rainfall and evaporation. So the water that is in you and me has been in everyone and everything. The water sustains and records all the life it touches; nothing on the planet can live without water.

To access the information accumulated by the selenite, you hold your piece of selenite in your hand of preference and ask the Deva, Angel, Spirit or Guardian of the selenite to access the information contained within its structure. You then allow yourself to be open to the subtle thoughts, feelings and emotions that begin to flow through out. When truly connected you should get impressions and insights. Remember, these have to register on different levels of your being. Some people experience them through feelings; others experience them as knowledge, or pictures. There is no right or wrong way. When you go into a meditative state in this way you will experience the information first at the cellular level, then at the feeling level, then eventually on the mental level. So you would probably take a minimum of three sessions to work with a specific crystal, to extract its information into the level of consciousness in which you know it, not just feel it or sense it.

Selenite brings light and healing to every cell in the body. It is a very high vibration stone and crown chakra activator. It will heal all fluid functions of the body. It clears the spinal column of energy blocks via the spinal fluid and gives a flowing healing energy to all it touches. Emotionally it lifts the spirit, bringing Divine joy and playfulness into our lives to enhance the world’s light energy.

Affirmation: I am awake to the possibilities of infinite space and time; Divine understanding flows through me and radiates out to all I meet.
Keywords: Remembering.

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