Petrified Wood

Petrified Wood

P etrified wood is ancient wood which has been replaced and hardened by another mineral. The two minerals usually involved in the displacement activities are agate (chalcedony) and quartz.

It provides strength in all areas of ones life and is also a stone for grounding. Petrified wood is a “stone of transformation”, assisting one to advance to ones highest chosen level, to commence ascension to a higher aspect of the self, and to recognize that no action is necessary – but that all actions bring one to ones ultimate purpose. It is useful for bringing patience to those in a process of slow inner transformation, and for bringing that change to fruition. Petrified Wood strengthens one’s backbone, physically and in terms of self-will. It is beneficial to the skeletal system, skin and hair.

This stone is very beneficial to those who are impatient in waiting for the fruits of their hard work. It will give you the commitment to wait for your inner transformation to take place.

Petrified wood is a stone that is good for grounding and stabilizing one’s emotions. It is particularly useful in calming survival-based fears, as it assists one in accessing their practical side for answers, then offering a feelings of safety and security. It is a stone of business success, and a wonderful stone for general protection.

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