H ematite is the most important iron source and is widely distributed. In addition to its use as iron ore, hematite is used as a pigment and a polishing powder. The name is derived from the Greek word for blood and is descriptive of the colour of the powdered mineral. Ancient superstition held that large deposits of hematite formed from battles that were fought and the subsequent blood that flowed into the ground, hence its ancient name of ‘bloodstone’. Hematite has several varieties, each with their own unique names.

Hematite rose is a circular group of bladed crystals giving the appearance of the flower of a rose.

Tiger iron is a sedimentary deposit of approximately 2.2 billion years old that consists of alternating layers of silver-grey hematite and red jasper, chert or even tiger eye quartz.

Kidney ore is the massive botryodial form and gives the appearance of lumpy kidney-like masses.

Oolitic hematite is a sedimentary formation that has a reddish brown colour and an earthy lustre and is composed of small rounded grains.

Specularite is a micaceous or flaky stone that is sparkling silver grey and sometimes used as an ornamental stone.

Hematite reflects back mistakes without distortion, apology or bias. A mistake is only a learning experience and some of our greatest learning experiences come from our mistakes. Like filming, you just do it again until you get it right. It teaches us to work with what we know, rather than from what we see – for our world is only an illusion, a distorted mirror of the true nature of the universe.

Very often when people open spiritually, they realise what a huge task it is. You very soon realise that the more you ‘know’ the more you realise just how ‘little’ you know. We have all spent thousands of lifetimes trying to ‘get it right’ and learn as much as possible. Your greatest teacher is your own direct personal experience. I realise you will also meet many teachers on your path; each should be working from direct personal experience too.

Hematite is good for calming the nerves and soothing the emotions. It has a strong grounding quality. The spiritual tranquillity associated with hematite brings about a fluid state of consciousness. It calms the hormones. Hematite is good for the functioning of the kidneys, beneficial in use on fluid flows of the body. It will restore equilibrium and stability, so it is good for headaches, dizziness and the feelings of being spaced out.

This stone is also a powerful ally or shield against the negativity of others. When consciously directed it will instantly stop outside intrusive unwanted negative energies affecting your energy field. It is good for stopping nightmares and staunching bleeding.

But be aware it is a very strong stone and if you ‘over’ use it by always carrying or wearing it on the same area on your body it can begin to give a localised distortion in your energy field, as well as being a skin irritant. The iron energy vibration in hematite will purify and strengthen the blood and aid absorption of iron in the small intestine.

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