E merald is known as a “stone of successful love”. It is said to provide for domestic bliss and to instill both sensitivity and loyalty within the self and within others.

It can be used to enhance the memory and to stimulate the use of greater mental capacity. The emerald helps to combine intelligence with discernment, allowing for the choice of “right” action to be the only choice available. Emerald can be used to stimulate the heart chakra, while helping to quiet the emotions. It is a stone to bring harmony to all areas of ones life. It can also assist in inciting one to activity and to facilitate intensity and focus in ones actions. Emerald can be used to eliminate negativity from ones life and to bring forth the positive actions required to assist one in remaining centered in the practicality of ones lifework. The stone can help to bring awareness of the unknown to conscious recognition, helping one to access the laws of order within the universe and to eliminate from ones life that which impedes progress.

Emerald can help one to maintain the rhythmic breathing conducive to entering and to attaining depth in the meditative state. After the meditative state, it helps one to maintain the cool brilliance of the deliberate reflection and to emit the radiance of the light. It is also said to bring beneficial consequences to matters involving the legal affairs.

Emerald symbolizes immortality and rebirth. It provides enormous inspiration of the spiritual path and gives you patience to pass through challenges with equanimity. Promoting friendship and unconditional love, Emerald enhances relationships on all levels, keeping partnership in harmony. The stone balances the emotional, mental, and spiritual levels, transmuting negativity into positive action.

Golden Healer Quartz Petrified Wood
Golden Healer Quartz
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