Discover the Awe and the Mystery of the Crystal Skull

The Message of the Crystal Skull

Discover the Awe and the Mystery of the Crystal Skull

A ccording to the Greek philosopher Socrates, we only learn those things that we have forgotten. If we follow his thinking, we must conclude that the discoveries which will change our lives for the better are hidden in our past.

Crystals are known for keeping records. Their basic substance forms the basis for computer memory chips. The most amazing piece of crystal in existence is Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull. This artifact from an ancient civilization causes changes in all who come near it. People who have looked at pictures of this treasure have reported astounding experiences.

Discover now the awe and mystery that is the Crystal Skull. You will learn all the known facts on this piece of sculpture, so finely made that it cannot be reproduced with all the technology available to the modern crystallographer. You will learn about its amazing powers which have changed the lives of those who have examined it.

The most important thing about this Crystal Skull is that it has something to say to you! Speaking from tens of thousands of years ago, it has a personal message for you that is important to your survival, and the survival of the world in this New Age. We are on the brink of major change in our existence. Will you survive these changes? You can take the advice of Socrates and discover the methods and techniques you’ll need for the future from your past – by way of the Crystal Skull. When you learn and follow the message of the Crystal Skull, you will be able to survive, becoming the spiritually evolved person you were meant to be.

The Message of the Crystal Skull
from Atlantis to the New Age
from Alice Bryant Phyllis Galde

“All crystal skulls on Earth share One Crystal Grid-Consciousness and are all connected in the inner planes.”

Hari Das Baba

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