Crystal Bible

metaphysical properties of the crystals


Selenite heart 467 (2)

Gypsum is a hydrous calcium sulphate, when well crystallised producing excellent transparent monoclinic crystals, which are often twinned in swallow-tail forms. Such crystals of gypsum are called selenite, for the […]


Pyrite main (2)

Pyrite is one of the most widely distributed of sulphide minerals, occurring in a variety of environments. It is present in igneous rocks as an accessory mineral. It is a […]


Jasper main (2)

The variety of quartz known as jasper is a heterogeneous mass of micro-crystallised quartz, which is heavily pigmented with colourful minerals. The colours of jasper are mainly due to iron […]

Lapis Lazuli

Lapiz lazuli main (1)

Lazurite is a popular but generally expensive mineral. Well-formed, deep blue crystals are rare and valuable. It is more commonly found massive and combined with other minerals into a rock […]

Ruby in Fuchsite

Green Muscovite

Ruby main pict (1)

Ruby in Fuchsite is a lovely combination of natural red Ruby crystals embedded in pale to medium green Fuchsite. Great for any collection, Ruby in Fuchsite merges the qualities of […]


Calcite ball 425 (1)

Calcite is a common and widely distributed mineral. It is a rock-forming mineral that is a major constituent in calcareous sedimentary rocks (limestone) and metamorphic rocks (marble). It may be […]



Ruby is the fabulous gemstone for those born in the month of July. Ruby is the superb scarlet variety of corundum, the second hardest natural mineral known.The non-red variety of […]

Vogel crystals

Vogel, crystal quartz 414 (1)

Vogel Crystals are double terminated quartz crystals that are carefully cut in conformance to the findings and teachings of Marcel Vogel.

Vogel crystals are cut to amplify and focus thoughts […]