Crystal Bible

metaphysical properties of the crystals


Emerald 1520 (1)

Emerald is known as a "stone of successful love". It is said to provide for domestic bliss and to instill both sensitivity and loyalty within the self and within others.


Goldstone 1408 (5)

Sunstone usually shows brilliant reflections due to inclusions (usually geothite or hematite). This mineral can be used to both clear and energize the chakras. It can also provide for a […]


Hematite Ganesha 1407 (6)

Hematite is the most important iron source and is widely distributed. In addition to its use as iron ore, hematite is used as a pigment and a polishing powder. The […]



Garnet is a “Stone of health”, extracting negative energy from the chakras, and transmuting the energy to the beneficial state.

It has been used as a sacred stone by the […]


Sodalite provides for the ability to arrive at logical conclusions via rational mental processes. It helps to eliminate confusion and to both equalize and stimulate ones intellect to be compatible […]


Jade mala 1117 (1)

Jade is known as a "dream stone" and as a "stone of fidelity", bringing realization to ones potential and devotion to ones purpose. It improves ones remembering of dreams and […]


Carnelian mala 1119 (1)

Carnelian has been historically used in Vedic astrology as a secondary gemstone to correct a badly aspected Mars energy. I have seen many ancient Egyptian scarabs (tomb offerings) carved from […]


Rubellite 1104 (6)

Rubellite (also known as Red Tourmaline) strengthens the will to understand love and to inspire tactfulness in independence, promoting creativity in the various realms of loving aspirations.

It can be […]