C arnelian has been historically used in Vedic astrology as a secondary gemstone to correct a badly aspected Mars energy. I have seen many ancient Egyptian scarabs (tomb offerings) carved from carnelian, my Egyptian friend said, “they were used to protect the dead on their journey through the underworld”. We can deduce from this that they were held in high regard as a protective stone.

Carnelian’s signature is strong, stimulating and creative; when used in crystal therapy it has the full potential to balance the sacral chakra completely. The sacral chakra is located in the sexual organs and upwards towards the navel. When the sacral chakra is out of balance, the next chakra above – the solar plexus – and the root chakra below will have a greatly impaired functioning too. A balanced sacral chakra is shown when you trust your own feelings, you are creative and feel good about expressing your creativity. If your sacral chakra is too open you will feel emotionally unbalanced and find yourself living in a fantasy world. The other signs of being too open in the sacral chakra are aggression, sexual manipulation of others or a sex addict. If you are too closed you will be over-sensitive to others’ energy, feel guilty for no reason or be frigid or impotent. Carnelian has been used to aid fertility.

Physically, carnelian can help with problems of the lower back, lower intestines, the abdomen, the kidneys, all fluid functions of the body, ovaries, testes, womb and impotency.

Carnelian is also associated with vitality, attraction, desire, emotion, creativity, sexuality and water, fear, shock and guilt. There is a great cleansing potential released when this crystal is used for healing personality disorders related to the emotions.

Carnelian can help to ground and focus thoughts and emotions. It has been utilised to protect the user from hatred, envy and rage. It also lifts the spirits, banishing negativity. For those who suffer from existential fears, past physical abuse, vitality- sapping illness or any long-standing mental anguish, carnelian is a good on-going supplement to their life force and should be carried or worn on a regular basis. Always check with kinesiology for the correct period of wearing duration, as with all crystals you must check on a regular basis the correct time period of use.

Carnelian can also help with the life lessons of uncovering the motivations influencing your choices, which are based on past conditioning. It really helps you fully understand what motivates you. In other words, who or what in your past is pulling your strings now? Carnelian can also accelerate the healing process of broken bones, torn ligaments and strained muscles. You could apply it in a gemstone cream or as a gemstone aura spray, or even wrap a tumbled stone into the bandage.

Affirmation: I trust my own feelings, I am creative and I feel good about expressing my creativity.

Keyword: Creativity.

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