C alcite is a common and widely distributed mineral. It is a rock-forming mineral that is a major constituent in calcareous sedimentary rocks (limestone) and metamorphic rocks (marble). It may be precipitated directly from seawater and it forms the shells of many living organisms, which on death accumulate to form limestone. In areas of hot springs it is deposited as travertine or tufa, and stalactites and stalagmites of calcite are common in caves of limestone.

Calcite is the biggest cleanser of negative stored energies within the human system. Its vast array of colours works on all areas of the body and aura, from the gross physical to the finest layers of the etheric.

Clear/Rainbow Inclusions:

These bring cleansing, clarity and brilliance to all the chakras. Use clear/rainbow calcite when you want to bring about change, major or minor, in your life. Its brilliance allows you to wipe the slate clean, to start again. This shaft of pure cosmic light gives you new beginnings, free of all the old pain and sorrows. Clear calcite gives you the opportunity of bringing the Divine essence of the soul into all the levels of your being to facilitate deep soul healing.

Many crystal therapists make use of clear calcite in healing, as it supports clearer perception of the truth by gently cleansing the eyes – not just the physical eyes, but the third, fourth and fifth eye – so as to fully activate the crown chakra into perfect alignment with the higher self and the Merkaba vehicle for ascension. The first incarnational experiences in this world were ones that were not in bodies such as we now have, and indeed, when we were floating in the ethers and the mists above this world, before it became more solid, that was our true nature, our true geometry, our true bodies, what we would call the light vehicle or the Merkaba.

Clear calcite clears and activates all chakras and heals all conditions: it is a ‘cure- all’. Used for detoxification, it is a crystal antiseptic. It also clears a room of negativity; the power of brilliance, iridescent rainbow light, will clear away old blocks and stagnation. It also makes an excellent gem essence, which is used as a ‘cure all’.


This ‘gentle’ red crystal will work primarily on the genitals and reproductive organs. The glands of the body connected to red calcite are the gonads and ovaries. Deep red calcite understands what prompts the release of adrenaline into the bloodstream when there is danger, aggression or pain – thus its connection to releasing fear. Red calcite will destroy that which is holding up your growth; it is an excellent detoxifier. It releases stagnant energy blocks from every level of your life, not just the physical body, via cleansing and releasing stagnation within the base or root chakra. It is especially useful for healing problems of the hips, legs and feet, bringing stability and strength of will. It also gives you the power to move forward and to take action and it can ease stiff muscles and joints.


For stimulation of second chakra, sexual energies, clearing negative energies there and regeneration and creativity. Also als the reproductive system. Orange calcite is useful for any intestinal disorder or irritable bowel syndrome and kidney complaints. It also clears away any mucus or catarrh that may be in the system. Orange calcite can bring relief from emotional fear and emotional paralysis and can be used in cases of mental breakdown, depression, accidents, rape, divorce or suicidal feelings. Orange calcite restores equilibrium by releasing known and unknown fears and phobias.


For smoothing the inner disturbances caused by change, especially the menopausal transition, which is very often a time of spiritual awakening. It can be a time of tremendous positive growth, but only for women who believe life is for living and flourishing into your full power. Good for kidneys, bladder and all the female organs. Good as a massage stone. Also eases the stress of children who have problems with bed-wetting.


Joyful, agile and expansive. Activates the solar plexus chakra, which aids mental clarity and concentration. It will balance your will power, by the right use of your Divine will. Brings wisdom, honesty and expansion to the thought
processes. Its energy is penetrating and cleansing. Cleansing means healing. Yellow calcite is the great eliminator, thus it can aid digestion and cellular regeneration. As a gem essence it is very uplifting and will energise your whole system.


Green calcite works on the thymus, heart chakra, physical heart, shoulders, chest and lower lungs.This crystal restores stability to anything malignant. Malignancy is the result of cells that have accelerated out of control. Green calcite lowers this over- stimulation. It helps biliousness and is especially useful for ridding the body of infections of the lungs, throat and sinuses. This crystal is also useful for nervous tics and stammering and anyone suffering from severe neurosis.


Sometimes referred to as manganese calcite, is perfect for the heart, releasing old fears and grief, bringing in the essence of unconditional love. The pink ray always works dynamically on the heart chakra, gently cleansing and then transmuting all stored putrefied negative issues of self-worth, self-confidence, self-acceptance and so on. It will allow the integration of positive energy within all levels of the chakra system, the positive energy being love, compassion, understanding of unity within diversity, bringing tolerance, forgiveness and ultimately the complete expression of universal love and self-love to every corner of the microcosm and macrocosm. We are all a reflection of the whole, and the more love we can hold within our own being the more will ultimately be reflected outwards to all life and returned to us magnified. It relieves all stress, tension and anxiety, especially about our physical body.

Pink calcite’s energy is such that it just melts and dissolves our resistance to loving ourselves enough to honour our body as the temple of our soul. This means taking care of ourselves and choosing food that nurtures us, rather than listening to the negative ego, which only seeks instant gratification, regardless of the long-term detrimental effects. Pink calcite is also useful after a person has been assaulted in any way, or if they have had an operation or dentistry. Good for heart conditions, kidney and uterine disorders. It removes fears and eases nightmares.


Blue calcite can make you aware of the need for rest and relaxation. It is also a good crystal to help you release stress and anxiety. Soothing, calming, good for frayed nerves. Aids communication and enlightened discussion between individuals who may have opposing views. Treats throat, lungs and thyroid disorders. Blue calcite will lower high blood pressure and give relief from pain. Its soothing blue ray will gently release negative emotions. A gem essence is very helpful for people who may be prone to sore throats or tonsillitis.


Of all the shades of calcite perhaps this one is the most exquisite and Divine. The energy of violet calcite has to he experienced to be fully understood. Its energy is silken, smooth and so soothing to the emotional body. Its properties are inspirational beyond words. As a gem essence it calms and soothes the mind, helping with problems of insomnia. Grief and the grieving process are truly understood; whether we are grieving for a ‘lost’ loved one or the grief of separation from our source, this is the best crystal to bring us Divine understanding of the whole process of death and renewal. It aids the integration of new energies on all levels.


The void is the home of the ’great mystery’ and this crystal will lead you safely through the maze and out of ‘castle perilous’. Sometimes we find ourselves in darkness; this can be the dark night of the soul where all that we loved or believed in is swept away in a single moment. Or it can be the deep depression that descends for no known reason, or through the death of a loved one or job loss.

This crystal teaches us that sometimes we need to let go of the old in order for the new to come into our lives. When we lose sight of the light at the end of the tunnel it is very scary; we may lose faith in tomorrow. By using black calcite, followed by the clear calcite, we can begin to release the arkness and step renewed and stronger into the light. Healing begins with a single tiny step. Once the Universal energies know your desire for true healing, they will move heaven and earth to help you; the secret is to recognise and accept all the help you are offered.

Stellar Beam or Dog Tooth Calcite:

This crystal will amplify the user’s energy field when used in meditation practice. Its energy is particularly suited for use in the solar plexus area and crown chakras. Many people who have used it have found that it links parallel realities and universes. The energy of the stone is such that it adjusts the user’s energy field during meditation, connecting matter to spirit. It will help you to have the courage to hold on to your dreams.

With right use of will, this stone will bring about a sudden and dramatic change in the user’s life, catalytic and always for the better. It can be used to realign the earth energies, after they have been damaged by human negativity. It has the potential to clear, activate and align all of the chakras along the spinal column. Stellar beam calcite very often grows with sphalerite, a powerful combination for advanced crystal light workers. This combination of calcite and sphalerite cannot be misused, for if one attempts to abuse the power’ the crystal simply disappears, or shatters.

Affirmation: I am cleansed of all negative thought patterns; I now allow myself to learn through joy, happiness and success.

Keyword: Cleansing.

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