Blue Green obsidian

Blue Green obsidian

O bsidian is lustrous volcanic glass. The colour range and related names are varied. The intrinsic properties of the numerous forms of obsidian include the reflection of ones flaws and the promotion of a clear picture of the changes which are necessary to eliminate flaws. The energies of obsidian produce very blunt answers, focusing ones inner vision and stimulating a picture or vision of the required course of action.

Blue Green obsidian combines the qualities of the Blue obsidian and the Green obsidian.

Blue obsidian is used for stimulation of the throat chakra, to enhance ones communication skills, and to assist one in oration, in articulation, and in the comprehension and pronunciation of new languages.

It has been used in telepathic endeavors to maintain connection with an object. It has also been used to increase knowledge and understanding during the utilization of Tarot Cards, “gazing”, and other fortune-telling attendants.

It is an excellent mineral for astral travel, affording purpose and direction during same. It has also been used for protection and for directional knowledge during physical travel.

Green obsidian stimulates the heart chakra and provides for cleansing of the area, removing not only extraneous matter and “muddiness”, but also gently removing the “hook-up” cords of others. The relief from the removal of these cords can provide for an openness and state of well-being that is likened to euphoria. It also protects the holder from future “hook-ups” and re-directs the cords to an endless vessel filled with White Light.

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