Becoming Keepers of the Crystals, a journey to share

Becoming Keepers of the Crystals, a journey to share

Holding your crystal over your heart centre with both hands…relax…inhale…and journeying inward, direct your consciousness to move slowly…and gently…in a left hand spiral…with the motion of a soft wind. As you move your inner focus down, exhale into the well of your being…the second chakra being  the centre…and  gently swirl your light  throughout  this place…with each breath, expanding the whole area, deeper, deeper…softly,  opening…becoming the cauldron, the ancient vessel of newborn creation, the turning inward of the Soul—sinking  back into the womb of  timelessness—to  the deep and primordial centre of your Self…

Here the sacred fire, the fire of inspiration, is kept—the inward illumination that is Spirit of Earth—the internal Kiva, the Sacred Space of your inner world.

Inhale slowly, and as you exhale, sink even deeper—down into the legs, through the legs and into the feet. Feel your feet. Feel your soles, the soft and tender opening in the arches…Feel your feet embraced by the Earth. Feel your roots sinking gently into the receptive Earth. Feel your feet drawing in the essence of the Earth.

Through these openings in the feet, slowly inhale the deep pulse of the Earth, the rhythm of swelling tides, the cycles and forces of the Moon—the continual nourishing that flows from the Feminine Principle. Ground yourself in the Earth, feeling your legs empowered and stabilized by your connection. Continue bringing these forces up through your legs into the cauldron, the Kiva within—spiraling, swirling  in a left hand  motion…returning to your own mysterious beginnings to become a vessel, a receptive expanding and sacred altar for your Spirit.

Feel the crystal in your hands, the spiraling Life Pulse rooted deep within the womb of the Earth Mother, that moves directly and deftly to its crown, its termination, connected with infinite knowingness.

Feel the gentle rhythm of the crystal, and slowly, with the connection you feel towards the Spirit of this being, inhale through your mouth the greater self of the crystal. Exhale into the connection with the Earth, giving back and energizing the Earth with vitality.

Move consciously through the crystal form. It is as though the spiral of the crystal and the spiraling essence of your beingness are beginning to pulse together. Within this rhythm and this merging of spirals, a greater harmonic of Life Force is received.

Gently open your inner sight, centred in your brow, as you move through the landscapes of crystalline light. Allow your heart to receive the warmth filled with this glowing essence. Feel your cells receiving the light of crystal stars. Experience your free movement, with this crystal Spirit, from its root connection in the Mother, to its crowning eminence in the Father.

From this union, free the sound of the child within you, the spontaneous child, full of Life and expression. You have now come HOME!


John Armitage


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