A ragonite, a dimorphous form of calcium carbonate, which crystallises in the orthorhombic system, is very often twinned in its growth. It occurs as a deposit from hot springs and in association with beds of gypsum. The shells of certain molluscs are made of aragonite and many fossil shells now composed of calcite were probably formed originally of aragonite. The name comes from the province in Spain where it was first noted.

This stone has a powerful earth healer energy, which is not wildly exciting but is totally stable and safe. It makes you think very deeply, which teaches you to think before acting. Aragonite is used for general strengthening, grounding, stabilizing and centering of physical energies. It connects you to the Goddess and Earth healing energies.

It can be used to stabilise the base chakra, attuning you to the positive force of gravity, allowing for your interconnectedness to the earth, your past and childhood. It is good to place on the body to facilitate the grounding process and has been used in this way to access past lives.

It can be used for all the solid elements of the body, including the bones and teeth. It helps mend broken bones and helps with calcium absorption. Aragonite brings immediate warmth to the body when it is chilled from colds or flu, allowing for the full power and passion of the base chakra to be fully activated.

Aragonite gives a cloak of security and earthly support during times of stress. It is soothing; it allows us to snuggle up to the bosom of Mother Nature. An extremely good way of working with aragonite is to go out into nature, where you will feel growth and renewal channelled through the stone and into your energy system. It is very good for spinal problems and will find the root of the problem by gently rooting you back into the earth, where you will feel supported.

One interesting feature of aragonite is its ability to tune you in to the recycling process that is an aspect of conservation. It teaches you moderation in all things, to only ‘take’ what you need.

Affirmation: I am connected to Mother Earth and know the security of being grounded.

Keyword: Earthing.

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